Hiding Beneath It All

ill update this with the recipe and directions tomorrow its time for bed for this girl work tonight (I work third shift… hence why alcohol in the morning hours seems perfectly natural)….as promised…. below is recipes and directions and my personal sarcastic comments! :D

I should start by mentioning that the original recipes (unedited by my personal flair) can be found in a book called WHO YOU CALLIN CUPCAKE… this is an amazing cupcake recipe book and everyone should check it out, the recipes are amazing and easily made.

Now I made one basic batch and split it in two to make a bunch of mini cupcakes of each flavor 

Basic Recipe:

3/4 cup sugar

1 2/3 cup flour

1 teaspoon baking powder

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup butter

2 eggs

a lil bit of vanilla 

(this is a very doughy sticky batter fyi…until the next step)

Now I split this batch in half 

In the tequila lime batch I added juice of one lime and zest of two limes

In the tequila sunrise batch I put in the juice of one orange and the zest of two oranges 

(now when putting the juice in I also made sure to get some pulp in the batter it just added a nice texture)

Bake for 10 minutes or so at 350 degrees. 

For the frosting I put two tablespoons plus a splash of tequila, some crisco(shortening), and confectioners sugar (powdered sugar),  I then split the batch in half and added the juice of one lime to one and the juice of one orange to the other (I again made sure to put some pulp in but I think next time I would try to keep the pulp out since (especially with the orange) the pulp kept clogging my decorating tip (which wasn’t a super small one) keep in mind once you add the juice you will probably need to add some more sugar to stiffen it back up.  I topped the tequila lime cupcakes with the frosting, sprinkled some course sea salt and a quarter of a gummy lime fruit slice (if anyone lives in NYS and knows of Wegmans, you can find them in the bulk candy aisle you just have to dig out the lime ones)

I topped the tequila sunrise ones with red decorating dust and orange decorating flakes.  I wish I had thought to grab some of the orange fruit slices as well.

The tequila lime cupcakes literally taste like a margarita and I was a bit disappointed in the tequila sunrise ones.  They were good just not nearly as good as the tequila lime but then again they were sweeter and I was craving tart.